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Public Health Practices
Enhancing Emergency Preparedness & Response
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Creating Ambulatory Care Integration into Hospital Surge Event Response: MediSys Health Network Emergency Response (NY)

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Practice Description: 

A process for integrating ambulatory care centers into hospital surge capacity response plans is described in this document. The workgroup involved in the process built on the assets of ambulatory care centers to develop a set of roles they may fill in hospital emergency response. These roles include providing ongoing primary care, enhancing surge capacity for stable patients who are triaged from hospital emergency departments, and providing specialty services (e.g., mental health, care of the worried well) during an emergency. The process also considers how to manage staff and clients at clinics once they have been activated to serve in an emergency. While ambulatory care clinics are different in scale and purpose from hospitals, they are a potentially important community resource. An important aspect of this process is to ensure that such clinics are engaged and utilized during an emergency situation.

State / Territory: 
New York
Response Overview