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Red Cross Preparedness and Resiliency materials (National)

American Red Cross
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The Preparedness and Resiliency materials from the American Red Cross address the mental well-being of adults and children following a disaster. The document on coping strategies for children is not specific to a pandemic situation, yet it contains accurate guidance for caregivers who are dealing with a child's experience of trauma or loss. An especially useful part of the guide is the list of age-based responses to trauma and triggers for when parents should seek professional help. Although this publication provides general guidance on common themes of loss and trauma, it is not tailored to what children may witness or experience during a pandemic. Although the guidance may not be comprehensive or pandemic-specific, it uses appropriate language when speaking about children's mental health needs and suggests several family activities that may reduce anxiety. The practice may be useful for all jurisdictions that are beginning outreach to families in their communities. The three links below complement one another well when taken together. Some of these materials are also available in multiple languages.

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Helping Young Children Cope with Trauma
Coping and Emotional Well-Being Fact Sheet
Family Preparedness Fact Sheet