Public Health Practices: Enhancing Emergency Preparedness & Response
Public Health Practices
Enhancing Emergency Preparedness & Response
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Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act (National)

The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
Practice Description: 

The Act is a legislative proposal intended to make voluntary health practitioners available for deployment as quickly as possible in response to emergency declarations. The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws recommends that this Act be enacted by all states. It serves as an extremely useful template for addressing a number of complex legal issues around rapid deployment of volunteers in emergency situations.

The Act seeks to do this in three main ways: 1) Limit deployed volunteers to licensed healthcare workers who are employed within a public or private system; 2) Limit volunteers' activities to those in which they have training and in which their licensure is up-to-date; and 3) Create and maintain registration systems across the country that can be quickly accessed in the beginning stages of an emergency.

One reviewer described it as a strong starting point, but added that it doesn't go as far as it should to provide liability protection. Since that review, two additional sections on volunteer liability and workers' compensation have been added to the Act.

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Draft Proposal
2007 Draft Proposal Update
Updated Sections on Liability and Workers' Compensation