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Pandemic Influenza Response and Management Toolkit: Appendix B: Clinical Care Guidelines: Algorithm for Initial Management of Adults and Children (British Columbia, Canada)

Fraser Health - British Columbia
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Three screening algorithms describe initial management of adults and children with suspected pandemic influenza. The flow charts provide criteria for self care at home, supervised outpatient management, admission for a short in-patient stay, and critical care admission. The algorithms describe initial management strategies that can be used to triage patients to home care or to other types of acute medical care.

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Appendix B1: Clinical Features Guide
Appendix B2: Primary Care Summary
Appendix B3: Case Record/Assessment Form
Appendix B4: Algorithm-Initial Management of Adults Referred to Acute Care
Appendix B5: Algorithm-Initial Assessment and Management of Children
Appendix B6: Algorithm-Initial Management of Children Referred to Acute Care
Appendix B7: General Management of Patients in Hospital
Appendix B8: BCCDC Report-Infection Control for Physicians' Offices