New directions for your life in 2014

Mar 01

It is a new year, and what better way to kick it off, than to make it a year of change. You could try for a new job, start a business and work for yourself or work on losing some weight. You can try to make time for exercise. You could start writing the novel you have been talking about, or start that home renovation project you have been putting off. The opportunities are limitless when you focus.

A new job is definitely a big step, but can be one that will contribute to overall happiness, and better money making prospects. All it takes is one step to start a journey, and trying is that first step. Starting a business is also a huge first step, but it is one that can contribute to your overall sense of satisfaction.

Losing weight and exercising are an integral part of overall health. This can be difficult to squeeze into our day because of work requirements and other responsibilities. However, just making it a habit for a week is enough to make us feel much better about ourselves.

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Writing a novel is a great way to express yourself creatively, and if done right, can end up in print. The first step is to have an idea. Many writers struggle with this task. A good way to do this is to jot down a bunch of ideas, and then add information about them. create a character or two, and devise a scenario for the to be in. Writing a novel is a big task, and many people who start writing abandon the project. All it takes is a few minutes a day to create a novel. Letting your spouse run the remote control in the evening while you write is a great way to find the time for it.

Every home owner has that one project they have been putting off for years. It may be a bathroom or kitchen redo, or maybe hanging a ceiling fan in an upstairs bedroom. Take a weekend to start the project, and if needed, a second weekend to finish it. There is no problem with doing it this way, and you are still accomplishing the task. Everything starts with one small step. 2014 is the year to take that step.

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