Hair Loss Treatments That Work

Apr 21

Hair Loss Treatments That Work

If you’re losing your hair, you’ve probably already done an extensive Google search to find the holy grail of hair loss. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy.

Plenty of companies sell all sorts of snake oils, taking advantage of men that are at the end of their wits. These companies know that a feeling of desperation is an easy sell, which is why this dodgy business of selling expensive pills that simply don’t work is so rampant at the moment.

However, not all hope is loss. There are a couple of proven methods that may work for you. The key thing to understand is that they will not work for everyone. Some guys are simply too far-gone or have an aggressive form of hair loss that modern medicine still can’t tackle.

Propecia aka Finasteride

This is one of the ‘big three’ treatments when it comes to hair loss. DHT is the enemy of all men that are losing their hair, which is why a treatment that fights it is certainly welcome.

Propecia is the only known treatment that has been proven to tackle the hair loss problem at its root (no pun untended). This is probably the only product that is absolutely essential. Without it, your hair loss will simply continue no matter what else you do.

Propecia comes in a handy pill format that you take once per day. For those of you that don’t like the idea of ingesting such a powerful drug, there are topical treatments though they are not nearly as effective.

Rogaine aka minoxidil

Rogaine is probably the biggest name, considering the big name backing from people like Karl Malone, as well as all of the commercials that we see on television on a regular basis.

Luckily, it’s not all hype. Rogaine actually does work by encouraging hair growth on the scalp. It works best on the crown, but it can also help on the hairline as well. It really depends on how well you respond.

The issue with Rogaine is that it doesn’t deal with DHT. That’s why, as we’ve mentioned earlier in the article, you need to combine this product with Propecia. The two treatments together make a very solid 1-2 punch against hair loss.

Ketoconazole Shampoo

You’ve seen the commercials. Use a simple shampoo and all that hair will come back tomorrow, right? We’re going to have to break it to you: it doesn’t work that way.

The only shampoo that makes a difference is Nizoral, which contains Ketoconazole. Not only does it actually combat DHT (only slightly though), it also creates a great situation up there on your scalp. It basically allows all forms of topical treatments to work even better. Everything helps, correct?

Other Treatments?

The only other treatment that we are happy to back is the Hairmax comb. It’s not been proven to work, but many people believe it makes a slight difference. Guys have reported that after use their hair feels stronger, smoother and generally in a better condition.

We’re not 100% convinced, but at least the product is safe. We welcome you to try, as you don’t have to worry about any nasty side effects.

Other treatments will either not work or are downright dangerous, so we suggest you avoid these at all costs.

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