Erectile Dysfunction : The necessary talk about a milennia issue

Erection dysfunction is a health condition in men characterized by weak or incomplete erection. According to the records, 5% of men below 40 years suffer from erection dysfunction. The condition usually worsen with age to about 50% in elderly men above 70 years. Erection dysfunction in no man's piece of cake, it lowers the self-esteem in men which reduce the general performance in men whether in work places or associating with other peoples. Erection dysfunction has the following symptoms:

  • Lack or reduced interest in having sex.
  • Weak erection, inability to maintain an erection as long as a man would expect.
  • Lack of erection.

What causes erection dysfunction?

 Erection dysfunction is caused by both physical and psychological conditions, psychological conditions include stress and depression. Erection is achieved after a series of processes, blood is supplied to the porous penis cells which make them turgid and steady. The blood supply is usually controlled by the brain, this means that all factors affecting the normal working of the brain for example stress and depression will consequently interfere with ability to have and maintain an erection. 

The good news is that erection dysfunction is not a death sentence, some of the following practices can help to correct or avoid this condition:

  • Regularly exercising to avoid life style diseases which play a major role in causing erection dysfunction. This would involve jogging, yoga exercises and aerobic exercises.
  • Proper nutrition. Good feeding habits are likely to improve the general body functioning. Viagra is the best choice as medication for erectile dysfunction.
  • Controlling stress. Talking to the respective sexual partner on matters related to the sexual performance can help to reduce stress, boosted confidence can improve sexual performance.
  • If things get out of control, it would be advisable to seek professional intervention from a trusted health officer

What are the physical causes of erectile dysfunction?

Physical conditions that cause erection dysfunction include blood flow related diseases. Heart attack for example may lead to reduced sexual performance, heart is the organ responsible for pumping the blood to the penis to effect erection, and if the heart is not functioning normally chances of importance are high. Diabetes is another condition than can be traced to causing a weak erection, a lot of energy is required to start and maintain an erection. Diabetes usually affect supply of energy in the body hence consequently affecting the whole process of erection. High blood pressure also can be a factor related to reduce sexual performance because it usually affect rate of flow of blood throughout the body. Obesity has also proved to be a life style disease that can cause erection dysfunction. Obese men have an increased chance of suffering from poor sexual performance.

Can alcohol cause permanent erectile dysfunction?

Substances abuse for example high alcohol intake of alcohol interfere with normal brain functioning and consequently leading to weak erection. Tobacco use also affect the lungs which play a huge role in the intake of oxygen which is used in metabolism. Reduced oxygen means reduced metabolism and energy in the body, as mentioned earlier energy is required to have and maintain an erection. Traces of tobacco in the blood vessels also trigger high blood pressure which a health condition that can trigger erection dysfunction. Physical injury around the penis can also affect the ability to achieve a successful erection.

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