How to Choose Your eLiquid’s Nicotine Strength

Aug 12

How to Choose Your eLiquid’s Nicotine Strength

It has always been the case that there are many cigarette choices for smokers – from light to unfiltered, mild, and more – but nowadays, there’s a new alternative to regular cigarettes that has caught the attention of smokers around the world. E-cigarettes have secured their place in the hearts of many former smokers for a variety of reasons.

But for those who have only recently delved into e-cigarette territory, it can be confusing to choose the eLiquid that you prefer. What with so many choices out there, from the classic tobacco flavour to cocktail combinations like Amaretto and Irish Coffee, it can be downright hard to select one that suits your fancy. However, there’s an aspect to choosing your ideal eLiquid that can be broken down and made easier: selecting your nicotine strength.

Why it’s important to choose your nicotine strength wisely

Some individuals may think that the nicotine strength does not really count for much. But this is where they are wrong, because choosing the right nicotine strength is essential when you are transitioning from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

If the strength is too low

If the nicotine strength you choose is too low, you may end up smoking more. For instance: if you normally smoke a regular cigarette and then you choose an eLiquid with lower nicotine levels, then you will unconsciously ‘vape’ more than you did before. This is because your body wants to compensate for the loss of nicotine.

If the strength is too high

If, on the other hand, the nicotine strength is much higher than you’re used to, you will have a tendency to overload on nicotine and experience lightheadedness. As a result, you may not like the experience of using an e-cigarette at all and may just go back to smoking regular cigarettes.

What is recommended?

For first-time e-cigarette users, it is recommended that you begin with a nicotine strength or level of 16 to 18mg. Why? Because this level is the one that is most compatible to the ordinary cigarette that most of us are used to. Although there are usually four or five different levels of nicotine, it is better to start off with one that has 16-18mg in strength.

An overview of nicotine levels

Nicotine levels in eLiquids can range from light, which may be as low as 8 to 11mg, to very strong, which can be from 32 to 36mg. Full flavour nicotine levels can be from 16 to 18mg, and this is the level that most closely resembles a traditional cigarette. There is also an extra strength level with a more intense throat hit, which is usually around 24mg. So what works best for you? Simply choose a level or strength that is one step lower or one step higher than what you are smoking. Do not jump too far up the scale or too far down it, either, as you may not feel any satisfaction at all.

If you would like to wean yourself off nicotine, you must also do it gradually. Begin with the recommended levels, then slowly lower it until you reach your desired level – there’s even a no-nicotine level, for those who simply want to enjoy the ritual and sensation of smoking but without the nicotine.

When you select just the right level, it will be much easier to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. With this, you will be more satisfied, and will be more likely to continue with your e-cigarette use.

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