The Best Dental Care In The Heart of Surrey

Jun 09

The Best Dental Care In The Heart of Surrey

At Cedar Dental, the staff endeavour to make the whole dental experience as pleasant as possible. You can visit as a patient or take up membership and avail of the additional benefits which comes with that. At Cedar Dental, we offer hygiene treatments, braces, root canal treatment, crowns and bridges as part of our general service.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Surrey which offers free consultations then Cedar Dental is the place for you. We don’t charge a dime unless we perform some sort of procedure on your teeth.

At Cedar Dental, your needs as a patient are prioritised. Cedar dental have a depth of knowledge, technology, experience and a very friendly team to give you great service and dental treatments at great value.

Do You Want A Smile Makeover?
If you’re looking for an improved smile, you’ve come to the right place. Using the latest dentistry techniques we know that everyone is unique so we assess several factors which impact on the outcome of the smile, including face shape, tooth colour and tooth size. From this starting point, the areas that need sculpting to achieve an ideal smile can be identified.

The dental veneers and dental crowns used at Cedar Dental are constructed from the latest top of the range materials.

Cedar Dental also offers a range of face and lip treatments so as to enable the rest of your face to look just as good as your teeth without having to look elsewhere for service. Cedar Dental offers Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX) which is renowned for its instant wrinkle removing effects and is best for treating facial lines.

Cedar Dental also offers Restylane®; a natural material called hyaluronic acid, which binds with the water within your skin to lift it and make it firmer.

Cedar Dental’s care for your general dental health includes treatment and advice for a wide variety of dental problems. These include: bad breath, stained teeth, dry mouth, ulcers, receding teeth, gum disease, denture problems, headaches, teeth grinding and jaw joint problem as well as many other dental related issues.

CEREC: Crowns Within One Hour:
Replacing old silver coloured fillings and restoring chipped or broken teeth can be achieved at Cedar Dental within one hour. An optical scan, a 3D image, of your tooth is taken and the information sent of the virtual model of your tooth to Cedar Dental’s state of the art milling machine where you can watch it being made. It is then cemented into your mouth as a normal crown or inlay.

The Two-Hour Smile:
If you want to straighten your teeth and improve your smile quickly Cedar Dental has the latest technology to make this easier for you. Edelweiss Veneers can be made during your appointment saving you time and improving your smile in often less than two hours.

If you are experiencing tooth/gum pain please contact Cedar Dental and every effort will be made to see you that day.


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