How to avoid back pain in later life 

Aug 19

How to avoid back pain in later life 

While many people experience pain in their joints at some point in their life, whether just from engaging in unusual physical activity or from poor posture, there are ways that back pain can be minimized or even avoided altogether.

What causes back pain?

There are many aspects of our modern lives that can lead to back pain. Sitting for hours at a desk in front of a computer screen can cause neck, shoulder and backaches, especially if the screen is set too low, causing the user to hunch forward. Bed mattresses that are too soft or too hard, shoulder bags that are overfilled and heavy and high heels can all contribute towards pain in the back and lumbar regions.

Just a few simple changes can help to minimize back pain. The computer monitor, for example, may need to be set at the user’s eye level or just below, and it can be extremely beneficial to take short breaks away from the screen. An uncomfortable bed mattress should be replaced with a more suitable one or a pillow can be placed beneath the knees to provide extra support for the lower back. Heels tip the body forward causing the wearer to become off-balance and her efforts to compensate mean that extra and unnatural pressure is put on the spine. Women who wear heels on a daily basis should consider lower styles, even flats, especially when walking longer distances.

These changes need to be made as early as possible. A major cause of back pain is poor posture and simply training the body to sit up straight and stop slouching, taking adequate exercise after careful warms ups and before cool downs to improve the core muscles, to lift heavy objects safely by bending at the knees rather than at the waist, can prevent aches developing later in life when it is too late to change and the damage has been done. There are other incentives too; good posture not only improves a person’s health, but makes them look more attractive too.

Of course, for some people, the damage has already been done, and they are looking at treatment rather than prevention. In these cases, chiropracty may be a suitable option. Chiropracty is an alternative medicine that focuses on the muscles and skeleton in combination with the nervous system. It is a drug-free treatment that includes such procedures as spinal manipulation, which when carried out by an expert, such as HealthQuest Chiropractor Dr. Sol Cogan, restores the mobility of the joint. Sufferers can often feel an immediate improvement, without experiencing any discomfort, or at worse, just minimal and short-lived minor aches.

While some back pain may be inevitable; for example, due to ageing, accidents or work related issues, there are some simple preventative measures that can be taken in early life to minimize the chances of these occurring. These will not only reduce back pain but also help individuals to achieve an overall healthier life.

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